Rubus: Herb Of The Year™ 2020


Prized for its abundant sweet fruit, healing roots and leaves, and gorgeous ornamental flowers, Rubus appeals year round in gardens, fields, and hedgerows. Fresh or frozen, brambleberries add flavor and fiber to any meal, from oatmeal to salads to fish and fowl as well as desserts and beverages. Rubus teas nourish and tonify while the seeds are used in skin care products. The arched canes provide shelter to a number of birds and animals. It is hard to overestimate the pleasure, nourishment, medicinal and culinary delights offered by this juicy genus!

Jam-packed with over 35 well-researched articles, poems, and luscious recipes, this colorful anthology celebrates Rubus as the 2020 Herb of the Year™. Be prepared for some decidedly purple prose from a veritable village of knowledgeable experts in praise of this pretty, prickly, and practical plant!


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