About Us


Inspiring and sprouting the future and growth of the herbal industry.

The IHA Mission

Uniting Herbal Professionals – engages, facilitates and celebrates the growth of herbal endeavors using mentorships, networking, information technology and education. It establishes industry leadership by identifying, cooperating and linking with like-minded entities.

What We Do

The International Herb Association supports its herbal mission through a number of efforts. An Herb of the Year™ (HOY™) has been selected each year since 1995. Each newly selected HOY ™ is featured in the workshops and lectures of the annual conference in the preceding year. Simultaneously, the selected herb is studied with resulting articles, recipes, and art which are put together and published in the annual HOY ™ book. Conferences also provide the opportunity to learn more about the herb business as well as to meet herbalists from the many varying backgrounds and expertise found in the herbal field. The IHA invites you to join our community to share your herbal presence and business experience.

Herb of the Year Book for 2024
- Now Available!