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Herb of the Year™ 2016 Capsicum ~ Now Available!



2016 IHA Herbal Calendar

The 2016 International Herb Association
Conference is coming!

Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel

The venue this year is at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center Hotel in Columbia, MD

Group rate available until July 18, 2016.  Subject to Availability.

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Call For Speakers!

The International Herb Association’s annual conference is the premier event focused on herbal businesses. We want to hear from herbal shop owners, farmers, writers, researchers, educators, and regulators – anyone with knowledge of interest to herb businesses and herbalists.

This conference is also focused on public education and we welcome topics of interest to the wider community of herb enthusiasts, nutritionists, cooks, health professionals & advocates, and gardeners.  If your topic has relevance to how herb business owners and managers might apply your knowledge to attract customers and drive more sales that would be a bonus!

The deadline for applications is May 10, 2016. Please use the fill-in form provided below and email it along with any attachments to the Conference Chair, Maribel Rodriguez at: [magiha2016@gmail.com]. Any questions about the conference program may be directed to the Program Chair at the same email address.

Lectures and presentations will be given in a conference room setting, and are scheduled to be 50 minutes long; allow time for questions. We are requesting submissions of proposals by May 10, 2016 in order for presentations to be included in the Conference Proceedings Book. Some speakers may wish to present a separate 20-minute ‘mini’ version of their talk in the herbal marketplace, which will be open to the general public.

Visit the 2016 Conference Page for more details:
2016 Conference Page