Cilantro & Coriander : Herb of the Year™ 2017


Cilantro & Coriander, Herb of the Year™ 2017 contains 45 articles with photographs and illustrations from a dozen talented artists. Brimming with fun facts and stories on every aspect of this plant—from fragrance and flavor, botany and cultivation, lore and history to poetry, crafts, medicinal information, plus delectable recipes for the kitchen, bath, and boudoir! No other plant smells —or excites—quite like cilantro.

With aromatic leaves, seeds, and roots, this two-for-one plant offers variety as both herb (Cilantro) and spice (Coriander). Love potion, medicinal aid, fragrant herb, and legendary culinary spice—there is much that is alluring about Cilantro and Coriander, Herb of the Year™ 2017!
Coriander has been used for millennia to boost libido, ease digestive woes, and add flavor to breads and beverages. Cilantro, a major ingredient in salsa, has soared in popularity over the last three decades adding flavor to chips, fish, meat rubs, and more!


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