A Lovely Day at the Ozark Folk Center State Park
Craft Classes Friday, October 29, 2021
1:00 to 2:30 p.m. and 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.
$35 / each

Skin Soothing Salve, featuring Parsley—Herb of the Year™ 2021 and a new product incorporating Viola—Herb of the Year™ 2022! Maximum 4 students.

Instructor: Linda Odom is a native Arkansan with a lifelong interest in herbs and herbal remedies. She opened the Village Apothecary Shop at the Ozark Folk Center in 2012.



Letterpress Printed Notecards
Students will typeset, print and emboss a set of 10 note cards using a century old printing press. Matching envelopes will be provided. Maximum 4 students.

Instructor: Troy Odom has practiced the craft of letterpress printing for over 40 years. He is intrigued with the history of printing and loves explaining the process to guests and students at the Old Time Print Shop inside the Craft Village at the Ozark Folk Center State Park.

Tree of Life Pendant
Have fun making this copper wire tree of life pendant. Your choice of bead color. Manual dexterity a plus! Maximum 8 students.

Instructor: Linda Widmer has been making jewelry for 30 years. She loves taking a gemstone and a few strands of wire and creating a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Leather Fly Swatter
Design, stamp and color your personalized heavy leather fly swatter. Practically indestructible. Maximum 4 students.

Instructor: Janice Clark was born with a love of nature and a creative flair. While wintering in Montana in the late 1990s she discovered the mountain man scene and has loved working with leather ever since.

Small Archery Bow
Small rattan bows are fun to make and really shoot arrows. Make a bowstring and carve string notches in your bow for young archers. Guaranteed to be a hit! Maximum 6 students.

Instructor: Joe Roe is the Woodsmith-Bowyer at Ozark Folk Center. He has been making Bodark (bois ‘arc) wooden bows for 10 years, although there were plenty of stickbows he crafted and shot as a child. He loves watching the pride and satisfaction of his bow-making students as they loose their first arrows from the bow they have just completed.

Botanical Cards and Learning Simplified Drawing
Students will be guided in the drawing of violets and primroses on 5- x 7-inch cards, suitable for framing. You do not need to be able to draw to take this class! Maximum 6 students

Instructor: Racheal Mathews has been learning how to “see in order to draw” all of her life! After fine arts college, she trained under Lillias Appland in Tucson, AZ and began teaching others to draw using her curriculum. Racheal’s claimed to fame is that she can “teach anyone to draw”.

Silking Whisk
Join us in making the Silking Whisk—named for its original use, brushing the silk from sweet corn when shucking the ears—this versatile hand-broom is made of broomcorn, twine, and basket reed. Both cute and functional, it has a fun history and a lot of uses. Maximum 6 students.

Instructor: Shawn Hoefer has been making brooms and teaching broom making for 15 years. He got his start at the Ozark Folk Center State Park and found that the craft combines aspects of fiber arts and woodworking—both crafts he is passionate about.



Pressed Flower Magnet
Get a taste of making Stained Glass the way Louis Comfort Tiffany did! You’ll get to cut and grind glass, add a pressed violet, wrap with copper foil and solder. You’ll go home with a gorgeous magnet for your fridge! Maximum 8 students.

Instructor: Dona Sawyer has been the Stained Glass Shop artist at the at the Ozark Folk Center for eight years. She calls her business Turkey Creek Creations. She took a stained glass class 18 years ago, fell in love with the media, and has been doing and teaching it ever since.

Job’s Tears Bracelet
Students will learn the history of Job’s Tears and will make a bead bracelet to take home. Maximum 8 students.

Instructor: Phyllis Gail Williams has always enjoyed doing crafts with nature. She discovered Job’s Tears seeds in 2011, planted them and continues to grow and make jewelry with them to this day.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side–see the flora & fauna of the Ozarks with two nature lovers (Available at 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. only)
Hike Whitewater Creek Trail, about 3/4-mile-long, through woods and along Whitewater Creek to City Park Amphitheater. Trail is moderate, though it is steep, rocky and wet in some areas. Wear appropriate shoes & bring your walking stick. Maximum 12 students.

Instructors: Deb Jolly – Is a member of the International Herb Association and is vice-chair for the Herb Society of America—Ozark Unit. She is a naturalist, photographer and works with the garden team at the Ozark Folk Center State Park.
Susan Belsinger—walks in the forest, learns the wild plants and enjoys sharing the joy of being in nature.

Herb of the Year Book for 2024
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