CATEGORY: IHA Foundation Mission Statement

To promote the herbal industry and the interest of the International Herb Association (IHA) through consumer education, professional education, and support of research beneficial to the herbal industry.

CATEGORY: Foundation Trustees

SUBJECT: Selection of Trustees

  1. The Board of Trustees shall be the governing body of the Foundation and consist of five (5) individuals: a Chairperson and four (4) other persons. Two of the five members shall always be the IHA Board President and the IHA Treasurer.
  2. Approval to server on the Board of Trustees shall remain with the IHA Board of Directors. Except as noted, eligibility to server on the Board of Trustees is not determined solely on membership in the IHA but on the ability of the individual to server and support the International Herb Association goals and objectives.
  3. Term of the office shall be 1 October to 21 September. Selection to the Board of Trustees shall not be longer than 36 months at one time and a minimum of 24 months must exist between terms of office. Members of the Board of Trustees may be removed only by action of the IHA Board of Directors.
  4. Selection to the Board of Trustees shall be based on nominations submitted to the IHA Board of Directors by an active IHA member. Such nominations may be submitted at any time. Action is based on available positions and will occur at the next quarterly IHA Board of Directors meeting unless approval is required earlier. In such a case, approval of the IHA Executive Committee.
  5. If a Trustee is unable to complete his or her term of office, the chairperson may select a replacement subject to the approval of the IHA Executive Committee.

SUBJECT: Duties of the Trustees

  1. The Board of Trustees shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the IHA Foundation. Trustees shall use their best efforts to carry out the mission statement of the Foundation.
  2. Trustees are required to participate in at least four of the six scheduled Board meetings during a term of office.
  3. The Board of Trustees may be responsible for activities that include:
    1. Herb of the Year Program
    2. Herb of the Year information packet
    3. Sponsorship of the IHA sanctioned functions
    4. Public education through activities such as sponsorship of the Otto Richter Memorial Lecture during the IHA Educational Conference.
    5. Distribution of educational materials to the public and private organizations
    6. Sponsorship of research of value and interest to IHA members.

SUBJECT: Code of Ethics

  1. The Board of Trustees shall meet every three months via conference call. One of these meetings shall coincide with the IHA Educational Conference. Regular meetings shall be held as follows:
    1. The IHA Educational Conference
    2. The Months of October, January and March.
    3. As required to conduct the business of the foundation.
  2. Every effort should be made by Trustee members to attend all meetings. Missing two consecutive meetings without excuse id grounds for dismissal from the Board of Trustees.
  3. A quorum for all meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be 51% or more of the Board members attending the meeting.
  4. Conference calls may be convened by the President or upon written request of a Trustee for special matters of an emergent nature.

SUBJECT: Emergency Meetings

Emergency meetings of the Trustees may be called by the President in accordance with the By-Laws. Fifteen days notice is required or upon written request of a majority of the Board members.

CATEGORY: Fundraising

SUBJECT: Preparing the Annual Fundraising Campaign

  1. IHA Foundation Trustees will outline a calendar of activities for donor solicitations for an annual calendar year at least six months prior to the start of the year.
  2. IHA Foundation Trustees shall assist in identifying and soliciting possible donors for the fundraising purposes. They will also provide oversight in development of materials used in donor solicitation.

SUBJECT: Soliciting Donors

  1. The IHA Foundation chairperson will identify an individual to help oversee any special campaigns developed for soliciting donors.
  2. IHA Foundation Trustees will compile names of companies likely to provide larger contributions to the Foundation for activities and events.

CATEGORY: Reporting Requirements

SUBJECT: Communications Requirements

  1. All discussions of the Board of Trustees are privileged and confidential. Any communication by to persons outside the Foundation should only be official record. Conversations concerning the Board members to other partied could possibility create conditions of corporate and/or personal liability. A substantiated infraction may be grounds for dismissal.
  2. The Board of Trustees communicates to the IHA Board of Directors through either the Chairperson or the IHA Treasurer. No other Board member is authorized to do so without the Chairpersons approval.
  3. The Chairperson, in conjunction with the IHA Board President, will prepare an executive summary of the Foundations activities for presentation tot he Board of Directors after each foundation meeting.
  4. An annual report of the Foundations activities shall be prepared for publication in the May issue of the IHA Newsletter.
  5. Space in the IHA Newsletter will be provided, as needed, for news from the IHA Foundation.

CATEGORY: Assisting/Advising IHA Board

SUBJECT: Communicating with IHA Board

  1. IHA Board has two standing members on the IHA Foundation trustees: treasurer and president.
  2. IHA Foundation trustees are responsible for assisting the IHA Board of Directors as requested. This shall include such activities as advising / recommending the selection of the [special awards].
  3. IHA Foundation will provide IHA Board with a written update and any written update and any written requests at least four weeks before scheduled board meetings.

SUBJECT: Sponsoring IHA Educational Conference Events

The IHA Foundation recognizes the importance of IHA Educational Conference. The Foundation may sponsor special activities at this event in support of our mutual goals.

CATEGORY: Financial Management

SUBJECT: Preparation and Approval of Budget

  1. The IHA Treasurer will provide a preliminary budget for review by the Foundation Chair at least thiry (30) days prior to the March meeting. The fiscal years budget will be forwarded to the trustees at least 10 days prior to the budget approval meeting (March Board of Trustee meeting).
  2. The IHA Treasurer will present the annual budget for approval by the trustees at the March meeting.

SUBJECT: Financial Reports

A treasurers report shall be submitted electronically to each trustee before their meeting whether any activity has taken place or not.

SUBJECT: Exceptions to the Budget

Any motion that requires ab expenditure of money that is not budgeted shall be referred to the Foundation Board for discussion and approval before action is taken.

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