Garlic: Herb of the Year™ 2004
~ Compiled by the International Herb Association Horticulture Committee: Charles E. Voigt, Chair

Garlic Book
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Yes, the stinking rose is the Herb of the Year™ for 2004. The International Herb Association (IHA) dedicated the years promotional activities to this potent culinary, medicinal, and historic herb.

The monograph highlights include history, cultivar selection, planting instructions, harvest and curing details, and many suggestions for using garlic in traditional and creative ways.

The IHA also worked to re-ignite the celebration of National Herb Week during the seven days preceding Mothers Day, May 2-8, 2004. We hope you joined in the festivities happening all around the country-side, near and far, or planned your own backyard herbal extravaganza for this special time and set time aside to indulge the love of garlic.

Due to the natural timing of garlic harvest over most of the country, the best time to look around your area for a garlic gala or festival will occur in the time period from August through October. Bulbs will be dried and aged to perfection, but still in top condition at that time. Garlic seems to have a magical ability to attract hordes of like-minded fans to events of this type, so go with the flow and check out at least one garlic event.

This late summer/early fall time period is also the ideal time to taste a wide selection of gourmet garlic cultivars and to identify those to buy, not just for preparing flavorful fall meals, but also for planting in home gardens for a bountiful harvest early next summer.

Let garlic put a punch in your cooking, your garden, and your life during the coming year. Join with IHA to celebrate the most flavorful fall bulb of them all. GARLIC!

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